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” http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00C358IUY?tag=httpbabyand07-207 inch 800480 digital HD TFT LCD touch screenBuilt-in GPS navigation systemBuild-in Bluetooth for hand freeSD card slot support mp3mp4DivxWM etcCompatible with mp3mp4DVDVCDCDCD-RDivx etc Eagle for 2006-2011 Suzuki Grand Vitara Car GPS Navigation DVD Player Audio Video System with”
The name Anki may be familiar to some of you. It was the surprise guest at Apple’s 2013 World Wide Developer’s conference where it unveiled Anki Drive, a robotics-based race car game the combined an iOS App control system with a real track and electric toy race cars. The $200 final product, which arrived in stores that October, was pretty impressive. It featured an oval-pre-printed rack and two cars that could read the road, see each other and connected via Bluetooth to the Anki app.With Anki Overdrive, though, Anki has gone more than a few steps further, creating what may [More]
I just set up this A.R.C. set and go through some of the settings and a race. It’s a pretty slick system, and easily the best out of the box system for 2 lane analog 1/32 scale racing.