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Track level tour of new features to my 140 ft Carrera Digital Layout. I added more trees and signs to my layout. I also added a cool Esso Billboard along with a flag tower and I repaired the grass and runoff areas.
After a few days i could not decide on legs. 4×4 inch and some wheels will work best for now. Im goimg to add supoort for legs i. Nect update and paint the entire table. Ordered some more Carrera cars and track for this giant table setup.
So the first update on my Scalextric slot car layout, removing hair pin bend and build new elevated curvy bend
A short slide show video of the stages of this 16ft x4ft Scalextric 1:32 Scenic Layout. The layout is far from finished, so far I’m two weeks into the build but a great project to have during self isolation.
Aurora vibrators. My new layout dedicated to my brother Michael.
Did a few track updates. I cleaned up my layout with new grass, repaired run off areas, added new ascetics, and new signage.
A friend showed me a simple inexpensive trick to improve my slot car track layout. The improvement in speed and handling was significant.
Check out my handmade trees for my Carrera Slot Car Layout
140ft Carrera Digital Slot Car Layout Video showing a different vantage point.