1er manche du championnnat d endurance digital de l ouest de slot racing 14h au mans 2011
It’s a shame these beauties aren’t racing in this year’s Le Mans, so you’ll just have to enjoy them here! Racing Adrian’s new slot cars – 2 Peugeot 908s at the 24 Heures du Merrill 2012. These Scalextric/Hornby Peugeot 908 HDi FAP cars are fantastic: the details are amazing, even down to actual vents over the wheel wells, the working head- and tail-lights. Almost hate to race them they’re so beautifully made. The mirrors and aerial are flexible yet the antenna and front wiper still broke off early on, followed by the rear wings on both the test and P1 [More]
A Scalextric Classic Collection Ford GT40 MK II, 1966 Le Mans No. 7. This is my home track and I am still working on aspects of the scenery. Tracks and power can be switched out for Scalextric Digital with lane changing tracks. My digital power pack races up to four cars but you can go higher than that. This Ford GT40 can be modified to run digital. California – USA – near San Francisco.
Nice Old Eldon Le Mans Special Box Set with Brand New Tiny Motors Tires! Add this or one like it to your collection today! Check it out on Cyber-Flea.com
Here is my coverage of the 2018 Slot Car Le Mans race.
Plus sur http://wizdeo.com/s/lemanstv . V8 spécial miniatures avec un gros plan sur la piste de Slot du Mans … (DROITS RESERVES . Pour toute exploitation sur TV, web, mobile, aller sur http://wizdeo.com/s/banqueimages )
Watch the updated version with new soundtrack instead: http://youtu.be/Dl5z1yD45D0 Step by step build photos of my Scalextric Ford Cortina LMP slot car. Featuring triple motors and four wheel drive with a 33/67 power split biased to the rear. http://www.youtube.com/user/xxsuperjohn
Remise des prix à tous les concurrents des 24H00 du Mans SLOT RACING 2013 du Club du SRC LE MANS Vidéo 24H00 du Mans 2013 SRC LE MANS 1ère Partie : Pesage – Contrôle Technique – essais Qualifs – Hymnes Nationaux et présentation des équipes par BRUNO VANDESTICK Vidéo 24H00 DU MANS 2013 SRC LE MANS 2ème Partie : Départ course – Période de nuit – Arrivée derrière Team NSR Vainqueur de l’édition 2013