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From the play doh meal making kitchen this is Halloween chef mater from Disney Pixar cars cooking bacon with eggs and salad. Thanks 4 watching another playdough review from disneycollector.\r\rMusic from Kevin Macleod.\r\rAccording to wiki pixar Tow Mater also appears in Cars Toon Maters Tall Tales. His catchphrases are Dad gum! and Git-R-Done! – He lives in Radiator Springs and hes best friends with Lightning McQueen. Also called Bill, Mate, Cricchetto, Burák, Takel, Złomek, Мэтр, Bärgarn, Bucsă, Hook, Martin Carl Attrezzi Carl Attrezzi Cricchetto. \r\rHeres how Cars2 is called in other countries: Arabalar, Autogrotesky, Аутомобили Cars2 Arabalar 2 Auta 2 [More]
Welcome to ToyCollector Blucollection. McDonalds has just started their new Happy Meal toys. You can choose between HotWheels for boys and Barbie Life in the Dreamhouse for girls. Its 8 different Hot Wheels Cars and dolls to choose from. Toys rotate on a monthly basis. Last month was Mario-Kart-8 racecars. \r\rMusic from Kevin MacLeod.\r\rPlay-Doh can also be called: plastilina, pasta de modelar, arcilla, juegos de moldear, juegos de modelar, Пластилін, Playdough, Clay, Modeling clay, Plastilina, Plasticine, Modelliermasse, Pâte à modeler, Plastilin, Plastiline, Plasticina, Massa de modelar, clay, Massinhas de modelar, Modellera, Crayola, лепка из глины, πλαστελίνη, пластилин, 플라, 점토, プラスティシーン, [More]
Welcome to Blutoys PixarCars. From the new new Takara Tomy Rescue-Go-go series this is Tomica Ambulance Mater and Tomica Patrol Lightning McQueen Radiator Springs Fire Department. They are both die-cast cars 1:64 scale from Disney Pixar Cars Toons Maters Tall Tales. Patrol McQueen is C-31 and Ambulance Mate is C-32 from their Cars Collection. And since were talking about Rescue-Go-Go ディズニー im also showing the other diecasts: \r\rAmbulance Fillmore\rトミカ カーズ レスキューゴー!ゴー! フィルモア (救急車タイプ)タカラトミー \r\rPatrol Sally Carrera.\rトミカ カーズ レスキューゴー!ゴー! サリー (ポリスカータイプ) タカラトミー \r\rFire Department Luigi with ladder.\rトミカ カーズ レスキューゴー!ゴー! ルイジ (消防車タイプ) タカラトミー .\r\rFire Department Guido.\rトミカ カーズ レスキューゴー!ゴー! グイド (消防車タイプ) タカラトミー .\r\rAmbulance [More]
Welcome to Disneycollector. HO-HO-HO its Christmas in Radiator Springs folks. In this video im showing how-to do-it-yourself playdoh cars and how to get your cars dressed up for Christmas. Its going to be the holiday event of the year in Radiator Springs. Its really easy to DIY using play dough or even softee dough. In this tutorial you learn how to make snow day Sally, Fillmore, Mater, Lightning McQueen, Flo, Doc Hudson, Sheriff, Luigi, Guido, Ramone, Mack truck and fire truck Red as Santa Claus ho, ho, ho. This town is like Cars Land. Merry Xtmas everybody and thx 4 [More]
From Disney Pixar cars 2, this is Francesco fan mater chase deluxe die-cast, a brand new new release from mattel toys. This is a 1:55 scale diecast original and exclusive to mattel. Francesco fan mater is # 4 out of 6 cars from maters collection. \r\r\rHeres how Cars2 is called in other countries: Arabalar, Autogrotesky, Аутомобили Cars2 Arabalar 2 Auta 2 Auti 2 Automobili 2 Autod 2 Autot 2 Bilar 2 Bilar 2 Cars 2 Carros 2 Les Bagnoles 2 Mankanebi 2 Masini 2 Ratai 2 Тачки 2 Tachky 2 Verdák 2 カーズ 2 Les Bagnoles animées Cars Motori Ruggenti [More]
Looks like Tow Mater is all fired up and ready for when things heat up in Radiator Springs. The Disney Cars Toon Rescue Squad Mater Fire Truck Push Along Car features a working water cannon for an extra splash of fun. Working water cannon. Press hood to activate cannon. Press back to launch accessories. Makes siren sound.\r\rAccording to wiki pixar racer 95 is sponsored by Rust-eze racing his first pistoncup race. Hes best friends with Mater from Radiator Springs. He also appears in Cars Toons Maters Tall Tales. Hes also called in other countries: Bliksem, Saetta, Lynet, El Rayo, Flash, [More]
Hello youtube, from the Take Flight collection heres the Space Mission Adventure Set featuring talking Roger the Space Shuttle and Autonaut Mater. This Astronaut Mater is from the TV show Cars Toon Maters tall tales episode called Moon Mater. Roger is a plastic lights and sounds talking toy with over 10 phrases and sounds and autonaut Mater is a 1:55 scale plastic car similar to the die-cast released from Mattel. Included in this set is a DVD with 2 Cars Toon episodes Moon Mater and Air Mater. The helmet of autonaut Mater is clear and removable. Hes all custom painted [More]
Disney Pixar Cars Funny Talkers Lightning McQueen & Funny Talkers Mater. These cars are the same size as the Rev-Ups Rip Clutchgoneski, featuring big personalities, tons of humor and wild racing action. This collection celebrates all that with its biggest stars, Lightning McQueen, Mater and Snot Rod. These larger scale funny talkers react to being picked up and actually speak to kids too! They will continue to say their signature phrases and make funny sounds until you put them back down on the ground. Its hilarious interactive play with great character charm. Each car sold separately, collect all your favorite [More]
Welcome to ToyCollector Blu Toys Surprise Juegos. This is the Tomica Cars Color Changers From Disney Pixar Cars2 Takara Tomy. They all changes color with hot and cold water. Blue Ivan Mater changes color and transform into Tow Mater. Color Changing Car Security Guard Finn McMissile transforms into regular british spy silver Finn McMissile. And PistonCup Lightning McQueen changes his reddish color. Just pour cold water in the clear reservoir and ice cubes in the container. Pour warm water to change it back. Thanks for watching another review of ToyChannel Blucollection.\r\rRevisión del juguete Coches multicolor. Cambian de Color al sumergirles [More]
Directly from Star Wars Weekends new, this is the NEW Disney Pixar cars star wars toys sold exclusively at themepark Disney Hollywood Studios. They are 1:55 scale die-cast cars same size as Mattel toys and sell for $9.95 each. Soon to be available at theme parks like Disneyland cars land, Disneyworld, Magic Kingdom as well as downtown Disney and resorts. But only available the WaltDisney Star Wars Weekends new. Too bad Jabba the hutt was not included in this set, he would have been a great chick hicks.. And Darth Maul could had been rip clutchgoneski LOL What u think?\r\rJedi [More]