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See 1960’s Shinoda slot cars and the upcoming Shinoda Reunion race at Downriver Speedway and Hobbies. Instagram @caseyputsch https://www.instagram.com/caseyputsch
Watch as we unbox and review the Scalextric American Police Chase AMC Javelin vs Dodge Challenger Police Car 1:32 Slot Car Race Track Set C1405T
Quick walk-around on one of our Race ready 4×16 Custom HO slot car tracks .
Kids are unplugging from technology, and there is a resurgence in vintage toys and games! Now kids are turning to slot car racing and Carrera is going to tell us all about it! For more information www.carrera-toys.com/en.
gallery en 10757609 10757608 Find this at Best Buy https://www.bestbuy.ca/en-ca/category/slot-cars/9043159.aspx Read the full review on Best Buy Canada’s blog: http://blog.bestbuy.ca/?p=141417
We want to show you the race on one of the largest slot car track in USA @ LeMay Car Museum.
The ‘TRRC: Think Rally & Race Championship’ is a fun scalextric tournament based on 5 characters; • Weirmush in his WRC Volkswagen Polo • Edd in his Ken Block Gymkhana Ford Fiesta • Tim in his dad’s Mk2 Ford Escort • Jamie in his crazy & mighty Metro 6R4 • Stu in his Lancia Stratos. This video is Round 1 Heat 1 of the Championship. We were inspired by Ken Block and his Gymkhana videos, so we designed and hand built a scalextric track with similar elements, including a truck park, truck jump, a tilt bridge and a motocross track. [More]
Tom G / Mercedes AMG DTM (1st place) Lance H / Audi R8 LMS (2nd place) Kieran B / Chevy C7R (3rd place) Darren H / Mercedes AMG GT3 (4th place) Chris S / Chevy C7R (5th place) RASCR – Regina Amateur Slot Car Racers not edited / raw footage Go Pro Hero 7 footage Race cut short by camera? cars have magnets Paul Gage Urethane Tires
FERRARI FINAL RACE – Carrera slot circuit in the Lego city. Ferrari Fxxk evolution Carrera 1:32 vs Ferrari 458 GT2 Carrera 1:32. Circuit CARRERA, POLISTIL & SCX. City lego M.O.C. & various sets. filmed in 4k 60fps with Panasonic G9, iPhone 11 Pro max, gimbal dji. LIKE THANK YOU!
Rocket in the White Lane had a total of 96 laps from all four lanes to win formula 1 class Dewey in the red lane Zeke in the yellow Lane Karen in the blue Lane