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Revised video of Rally Top End with cars, couldn’t get the sound to work so there’s music instead:
Australian GP, Malaysian GP, Chinese GP, Bahrain GP, Spanish GP, Monaco GP, Canadian GP, European GP.
Rennen und Plauschfahren – zusammen im Club. regiotvplus 19-KW-36
Gara Turismo / DTM al Palladio Slot Racing www.palladioslotracing.it
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We have so much fun setting up the Carrera Go slot Car Racing track. Racing Jackson Storm against Lightning McQueen from Disney’s Cars 3. Who is Faster? Join the Family Fun – Subscribe to this Channel: http://bit.ly/1nsh8hc Buy this Carrera Cars 3 Set here: http://amzn.to/2gSSjKu Learn more about Carrera: http://carrera-toys.com https://facebook.com/carrera.official ººººººººººººººººººººººººººººººººººººººººººººººººººººººººººººººººº 🎁 EVERY FRIDAY….A NEW GIVEAWAY on this Channel 🎉 ººººººººººººººººººººººººººººººººººººººººººººººººººººººººººººººººº DONT MISS THESE POPULAR VIDEOS !!! – WOWWEE ROBOT TOY: http://bit.ly/2wecuN2 – KIDDY DOUGH DINOSAURS: http://bit.ly/2sYjLzy – KAWAII = CUTE: http://bit.ly/2vMQQLT ººººººººººººººººººººººººººººººººººººººººººººººººººººººººººººººººº 🎥 NEW VIDEO SCHEDULE: (some weeks more some weeks less) THURSDAY – 4:00pm EST / 20:00 [More]
When toys become video games, GrooveRider is a unique game about something I’m quite familiar with, Slot Car Racers, or Scalextric to many British people. Social Media: Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/UnlikelyYuusha Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/UnlikelyYuusha Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/UnlikelyYuusha Unlikely Yuusha Discord: https://discord.gg/PuS8XvM
Review, Testing & Comparison of the Viper Scale Racing V-Spec Car. This is for the Pro-Circuit!
Cars are from the Sunset Speedway. My race car is a Camaro.