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To Buy: https://www.ec-hobby.com/mini-double-portable-folding-hand-crank-generator-cars-mcqueen-slot-car-track-racing-play-set.html
Muzza from Revtune Tv stop in at The Slot Shop. Here they sell anything Slot Car related and have lots of cool tracks you can hire or race your own slot cars on – It was Heaps of fun to play, cool displays to froff over & everyone was friendly Wanted to buy so many, will be back soon Located 293 Princes hwy, Arncliffe Nsw
The ‘TRRC: Think Rally & Race Championship’ is a fun scalextric tournament based on 5 characters; • Weirmush in his WRC Volkswagen Polo • Edd in his Ken Block Gymkhana Ford Fiesta • Tim in his dad’s Mk2 Ford Escort • Jamie in his crazy & mighty Metro 6R4 • Stu in his Lancia Stratos. This video is Round 1 Heat 1 of the Championship. We were inspired by Ken Block and his Gymkhana videos, so we designed and hand built a scalextric track with similar elements, including a truck park, truck jump, a tilt bridge and a motocross track. [More]
Tom G / Mercedes AMG DTM (1st place) Lance H / Audi R8 LMS (2nd place) Kieran B / Chevy C7R (3rd place) Darren H / Mercedes AMG GT3 (4th place) Chris S / Chevy C7R (5th place) RASCR – Regina Amateur Slot Car Racers not edited / raw footage Go Pro Hero 7 footage Race cut short by camera? cars have magnets Paul Gage Urethane Tires
https://protinkertoys.com/products/corvette-c5r-alemania-h-t-motor-racing-2000-htmotor-fly-car Information: Fly Slot Cars 1/32 Chevrolet Corvette Special Edition Alemania H+T. Bring this car to your next scouting group. The plastic case could have damage. Please enjoy the video. Details: Item #RM01 Gold and Black Car # 20 1/32 Drivers H+T Motor Racing 2000 1980 Fly Car Model FREE tech support 1-877-729-2099 #ProTinkerToys #Slotcar #Slotcars #alemania #htmotor
Some racing under the lights with no crashes! I made an editing mistake on this video. So there is no audio for the video, just the commentary. I’ll be sure to fix this for next week’s video.
Learn about Randys HO Raceway from owner Randy Haydt and promoter Marl Williams. With host Mike Feltenberger and Randy Kane.
This is a video i’ve made for the Pioneer ’69 Chargeron sale now at Gliders & Racing Models Ltd. CHECK OUT THE RANGE IN THE LINK BELOW: http://www.gliders.uk.com/PIONEER-SLOT-CARS/products/311/ Music from the YouTube Audio Library: Give – Silent Partner Hooky with Sloane – Bird Creek Car Crash Sound Effect – http://www.orangefreesounds.com/car-crash-sound-effect/
Here is a 6min video showing how the change-over from the HO scale slot track – to – the 1/32 scale slot track. Driven w a automotive/truck winch – through a set of pullies and cables – Brett can stow the big 1/32 scale track up against the ceiling. The HO track is all custom made – routered MFD board. This 1/32 scale track is mainly plastic Carrera track – except where the switch-overs are at – those are custom made Routered MFD board. Thanks for watching.