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Check out my handmade slot car guard rails for 1/32 scale Carrera Digital Track System.
Even if the track rails do not look rusty, they still can have oxidation on them. It can be enough to prevent good electrical conductivity to your car’s pickup shoes. And, just because a track set is bought new does not mean the rails are perfect. New sets can have been in the distribution channels for 6 months or more prior to being put into retail stock. The time and different storage conditions can all lead to oxidized rails. The good news is that the problem doesn’t take much effort to fix. All you need is a fine drywall sanding [More]
Petit film de présentation d’une course entre voitures Powersledge Scalextric de 1970 sur un circuit inédit : un 3 voies Scalextric Classic de 23m de développé. Les voitures sont une Lotus Indianapolis F1 (la verte) une Ferrari 158 V8 F1 (la rouge) et une Matra F1 (la bleue). Filmé avec une Sony Action Cam AS100VR.
An overview of common plastic track rail height & design and how the affects magnetic downforce in a specific HO slot car. “Heavier’ rails give magnets more to pull on and hence determines car setup – what works on one brand of track may or may not be good on something different.