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Here is a test track I quickly put together as a proof of concept. I used some 1/2″ MDF I had laying around and some 1/4″ copper tape I bought on amazon. I already had an old controller and a 1/43 car. I plan on making a bigger permanent track sometime, so this was just a test see how it would run. I turned out pretty good and easier than I expected to build. I used some pex tubing as a guide for the router as well as a special router base jig that I made to route the second [More]
Cartrix talbot labo racing on 1/32 wooden routed slot car trackNeed new shirts, get it at http://ahshirts.com
1/32 Wooden Routed Slot Car Track – 1960’s theme – Scalextric MASERATI Test Drive
1/32 Wooden Routed Slot Car Track – 1960’s theme – Scalextric C83 Sunbeam Tiger Test DriveNeed new shirts ? http://ahshirts.comNeed new shirts ? http://ahshirts.com
Having some fun racing on a COLD winters night. Racing software by Bruce Yingling hooked up to a routed wood track, using Carrera Digital 1/32 hardware.The track shuffles you thru all three lanes. However you can change lanes coming out of turn 4 to get around slow traffic. Also the pit is located after Turn 4 ..for fueling and in race repairs.
My Building of the Paramount Raceway from the 1950’s in a 1960’s style routed wooden slot car track
Routed Analog Slot Car Track Mpg2 (Maple Ridge TT)
Make your own HO routed copper tape slot car track
my still unfinished routed track, still need the smoke plumbing and the taping sorted…watch this space!!! slow motion of the slot car donuts, that i attempt to do!, easier with the bigger scale nincos, than the small scx compact cars