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Scalextric | Univers-Scalex le Slot Racing
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#cuda #transam #slotcarnews Well it’s finally here… my last project for Scalextric. This is a really nice car that I’m very glad Scalextric did. They have always made the Trans Am series and this car was a VERY gaping hole in the product line that they have filled. Thanks to Hornby America for the car.
Racing Truck – Castrol | C4156 | Scalextric Information: Truck racing is a real spectacle. These behemouths of motorsport are to be found tearing round the race tracks of the world, with steam coming from the brakes and diesel smoke belching out they are not for the faint of heart! These accelerate faster then a 911 Turbo and even in Scalextric form these trucks are a real handful! This Castrol racing truck will be a real standout piece in anyone’s slot car collection. Details: Item # C4156 YOU WILL NEED THE DPR C8515 Scalextric Easy Change Pick-Ups High-Detail Super-Resistant DPR [More]
It’s common for people new to the world of 1:32 slot cars to ask the question; should they buy a set from Scalextric, or Carrera? In this video, cars and track from both brands will be put head to head, and given in-depth analysis to determine what’s on offer. John’s video – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VFLTI7MN0Ik
We’re professionals at Shadow Foam. That’s why we made an epic, portable Scalextric track. We picked up a load of second hand slot cars and Scalextric sets that we’re going unused and unloved. But we’ve given them a new life and made an awesome track using Shadow Foam and a bit of creativity. Stay tuned next week for the Shadow Foam Grand Prix! Have a SUGGESTION of what you want to see NEXT? Comment below! SUBSCRIBE for more videos: https://bit.ly/SFSUBSCRIBE Watch our LATEST VIDEO: https://bit.ly/SFVIDEO Made possible with Shadow Foam, get yours here: https://bit.ly/SHADOWFOAM FOLLOW US ON Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ShadowFoam Twitter: [More]
#slotcars #scalextric #mustanggt Lots of new Scalextric cars arriving any day at dealers. I take a quick look at the new Scalextric Duracell Z-28 that’s showing up soon in this video. News sponsored by: https://www.lebhobbies.com/
Rollstuhl-Slotcars auf meiner Carrera GO!!! / Digital 143 Rennbahn. Die Fahrzeuge sind für 3V ausgelegt und haben einen wesentlich größeren Maßstab, passen aber hervorragend auf die 1:43-Schienen. Die Spannung der Carrerabahn wird über die regelbaren Netzteile den Fahrzeugen angepasst.
#slotcars #slotracing #cuda Really more news this week than in a long, long time. So many cars arriving in the market now… Carrera, Scalextric pix of 2 new Cudas, NSR arrivals, Slot It arrivals, SRC new cars/restocks. News sponsored by: https://www.lebhobbies.com/
✅ Se podría decir que este Manual para la Competición publicado por Tecnitoys en el año 2004 es una actualización de la mítica Guía del Scalextrista que editaba EXIN. ✌🏼 Forma parte de la comunidad Slotera, en este link están las redes sociales, blogs, colaboradores y mucho mas: https://linktr.ee/tallerdeslot 🔔 Si te ha gustado el vídeo no te olvides darle a “suscribirte” para que te avisemos de próximos vídeos sobre el mundo del Scalextric y el Slot que subamos al canal. ✅ It could be said that this Competition Manual published by Tecnitoys in 2004 is an update of the [More]
Batmobile – 1966 TV Series | C4175T | Scalextric Information: Batmobile – 1966 TV Series | C4175 | Scalextric Batman originates all the way back to 1939 where he was first introduced in Detective Comics. Since then, he has grown to become one if not the most famous of superheroes of all time. Batman made it from the comic book pages and onto the TV screen in the 1960’s when the Batman TV series first aired starring Adam West as Batman/Bruce Wayne. Both Batman and his companion Robin where two crime fighters there to defend Gotham City, their mode of [More]