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1ª Prueba del Campeonato de Raid de Asturias denominado Ninco Raid Series, celebrado en el Club Mr Racing Slot de Oviedo.
Auto World The Batmobile from 1966 TV Series 4 Gear HO Scale Slot Car Review Pick the url down the page for further Customer Reviews and Best value: https://googledrive.com/host/0B4x-dcLNu8kdZ3hrWkMyaWdYYjg/sickcarifolummeginsrodi1972.html
The Fly Truck Proxy Series is an annual slot truck builders challenge. Each participant builds “Fly Truck Models” 1/32 scale replica FIA racing trucks to a specific set of rules, which are then mailed to a central location for scrutineering (Technical Inspection). The trucks are then raced by guest drivers in several tracks across the United States; points are allocated according to finishing position which go towards a grand total for the series. In this year’s series, builders will compete in performance and restyling classes. To find more information about this series, how to participate, the standings and awards, visit: [More]
2ª carrera del campeonato Le Mans Series A.P.S.(Asociacion Palentina de Slot).
Prueba de Raid disputada en el Club CTM Slot con sede en Salas y puntuable para el primer Ninco Raid Series
Resumen de la 2 Carrera del I CAMPEONATO G.T SERIES MADRID celebrada en las instalaciones de SLOT RACING MADRID, en Alcalá de Henares.