Congrats on getting your first Carrera slot car set! In this video, we go over how to set up your GO!!! set. For more information on how to set up a Digital 132 or 124 set, check out this video: For more great content, visit our social pages…
Encuentra tus pistas y coches Carrera en Found your Carrera tracks and cars in
How to fine tune the setup of the 1/32 slotcar from Revo Slot, Distribution in Denmark by If you have any questions plz. ask in the shop.
This is the Turbo GT Micro Scalextric Track Setup. I built it with my boy Jak. The 2 cars that come with this Scalextric are Audi cars. This is a good race track setup as the track pieces clip together very well and done come apart easily. Please click on the “Like” button, leave a Comment, then Subscribe to my channel. Also, be sure to Share if you think your friends or family would like to watch this video too. Thanks! Add / Follow / Connect With Me.. Google +1 (1):
Racing on my 4 lane HO scale race track. Track is on a 5′ x 12 1/2″ table that stores to the ceiling of my garage. Total track length is 74′. Used Aurora AFX slot car track. Some pieces custom made by cutting/splicing/soldering/epoxying the pieces together. Used Rustoleum flat black paint to paint the surface where I made the special pieces. Uses single, adjustable power supply that powers each lane individually. Each lane has a switch for brakes or no brakes & a switch to switch directions, so you can race clockwise or counter clockwise. Has individual lane counters that [More]
Ho scale slot car racing at ESR, This track i believe is an AFX custom track. The two cars are an AFX SRT and an AFX Mega-G Track location is at sapce 1136 and 1138 at Traders Village San Antonio TX.
This is a great introduction for all Carrera “GO” sets
ASCC – slot car setup : Part #2 – Motor Break-in
This video is part #4/7 of a series that describe how to setup / tune-up a slot car for the Austin Slot Car Club track. Only parts are used throughout the build, following the rules established for the club’s 2012 Challenge ( In this video we will be covering gear selection. _____________________________ Part #1: Straightening a chassis. Part #2: Motor break-in. Part #3: Tire selection & truing. Part #4: Gear selection. Part $5: Guide selection and motor pod install. Part #6: Front axle height adjustment. Part #7: Lubrication, body install and center of gravity.