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Assemble a Carrera Digital 132 set from ground zero
Watch as we unbox and review the Scalextric American Police Chase AMC Javelin vs Dodge Challenger Police Car 1:32 Slot Car Race Track Set C1405T
Got the Lammarosa Rails track crew ta run a few laps at slot car jimmy’s joint.. now..I’m more of a straight line guy than a roundy round…but this things too dang cool not ta share with the world!
I recently started Slot car racing with a local club. We race 1/32 and 1/24 scale slot cars on various tracks. I realized pretty quick that it was a difficult hobby to break into, I didn’t know some of the lingo, where to buy my parts, or how to best spend my money. These two videos are an attempt to help people get up to speed in the world of slot car racing and tuning. I thoroughly enjoy the hobby and hope this will help others make the first steps to getting into it as well. Informational sources: www.132slotcar.us www.slotcarcorner.com [More]
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Congrats on getting your first Carrera slot car set! In this video, we go over how to set up your GO!!! set. For more information on how to set up a Digital 132 or 124 set, check out this video: For more great content, visit our social pages https://www.facebook.com/carrera.amer… https://twitter.com/carrera_usa https://www.instagram.com/carrera_usa/ https://www.carrera-toys.com
Encuentra tus pistas y coches Carrera en http://www.solojuguete.com/15_carrera Found your Carrera tracks and cars in http://www.solojuguete.com/15_carrera
How to fine tune the setup of the 1/32 slotcar from Revo Slot, Distribution in Denmark by Racefun.dk If you have any questions plz. ask in the shop.
This is the Turbo GT Micro Scalextric Track Setup. I built it with my boy Jak. The 2 cars that come with this Scalextric are Audi cars. This is a good race track setup as the track pieces clip together very well and done come apart easily. Please click on the “Like” button, leave a Comment, then Subscribe to my channel. Also, be sure to Share if you think your friends or family would like to watch this video too. Thanks! Add / Follow / Connect With Me.. https://twitter.com/Sean_Quinn_87 https://www.facebook.com/sean.quinn.5 Google +1 (1): https://goo.gl/4JCmGt
Racing on my 4 lane HO scale race track. Track is on a 5′ x 12 1/2″ table that stores to the ceiling of my garage. Total track length is 74′. Used Aurora AFX slot car track. Some pieces custom made by cutting/splicing/soldering/epoxying the pieces together. Used Rustoleum flat black paint to paint the surface where I made the special pieces. Uses single, adjustable power supply that powers each lane individually. Each lane has a switch for brakes or no brakes & a switch to switch directions, so you can race clockwise or counter clockwise. Has individual lane counters that [More]