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We’ve put together some of our favourite bits from last weekend’s CarFest South. With hundreds of people visiting the Scalextric stand, and some quite exceptional cars, this was a year we won’t soon forget!
Shout out to all the boys at South Manchester Slot racing club..Gopro montage…
Slot cars south africa Slixxx slot racing.. Race night 2015-06-10
Schedule for DAWG MAN BRO\r—————————————-­—————————————-­—————-\rSaturday March 8th of 2014 LP South Park SoT Episode 5-12\r—————————————-­—————————————-­—————-\rHey all this is Xenoxis and this is my Lets Play (Blind TM) of Southpark The Stick Of Truth as i mentioned its Blind at least first 12 parts are depending on how i will play the game. \r\rSo allow me to explain if iam gonna stay true to playing the game blind then i will only play the game when im recording the good thing about this is game is suppose to be rather short around 10-12 hours from what ive heard thats probably true [More]
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