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We are continuing to test our new Carrera digital slot cars, and in order to thoroughly evaluate them we needed to design a track that includes all the elements one might find on a track. Thus, the track design includes all four radius of turns, banked turns, bridge sections, high-speed straightaway, and multiple lane changers. This is a variation of our original test track that we used to evaluate the Carrera Digital 132 1969 Torino Talladegas. This is a prelude to our new slot car club track which will ultimately be much larger, about 125 feet overall with an additional [More]
Тестируем переключение стрелок из комплектов Нинко Диджитал Мультилэйн и Питлейн
Manque les bordures, le comptage et un peu de déco…
La R8 Gordini, notre “petite Savoyarde”, roule fissa sur la CDLR en cours de finalisation. Pilotée par Nath, elle file et assure grave la p’tite JOUEF ! Et puis, comme elle est belle !
https://protinkertoys.com/products/corvette-c5r-test-car-e-121-fly-car-1 Information: E121 FLY CAR MODEL 1/32 SLOT CAR COVETTE C5R TEST CAR GOODWRENCH 73. Fly cars run great! Bring this car to your next scouting group. The plastic case could have damage. Please enjoy the video. Details: Item #E121 White Car # 73 1/32 Drivers Test Car Fly Car Model FREE tech support 1-877-729-2099 #ProTinkerToys #SlotCars #Slotcar Blog: https://protinkertoys.com/blogs/toys-and-more Contact Us: https://protinkertoys.com/pages/contact-us About Us: https://protinkertoys.com/pages/about-us Shipping: https://protinkertoys.com/pages/shipping Music: Bensound.com
N digital pb modification test
Having refurbished my ‘spares or repair’ Scalextric Lambo – its time to find out how fast it can go around my track!
Slot Racing SCX Compact Nascar Tri Ovalspeedway Circuit électrique 1:43
Double loops, drive through a loop, 360° spin, over 2m straight, lane switches….so much going on here
In this episode Mike takes a look at what you can do with our new Micro Track Extension packs, we shine a light on our Scalextric Kids Zone and we take a look at your Dustiest Competition entries! We’re Scalextric and this is Test Track! Like, Comment and Subscribe for more Scalextric content. #Scalextric #TestTrack #MicroMadness Micro Track Extension – https://www.scalextric.com/uk-en/shop/track/micro-scalextric-track.html Kids Zone – https://www.scalextric.com/uk-en/scalextric-kids-zone NHS Livery Competition – https://www.scalextric.com/uk-en/nhs-comp