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It’s the start of a new year for Test Track and we are kicking things off with our 2020 range! Join Mike as he takes a look at some of the highlights from the 2020 range announcements including Batman Vs Joker, Only Fools and Horses, Tyrrell and BTCC. What is you pick from the 2020 range? Let us know in the comments below. #Scalextric #TestTrack #SlotCarRacing
Check back in with Scalextric in our latest episode of Test Track! We pop inside the garage to look at the Scalextric Club exclusive BMW E30 M3 and with our new My First Scalextric campaign hitting TV screens we look at some other classic Scalextric adverts. There’s also time to look ahead to the titanic battle between the Scalextric and Jaguar iPaces! Scalextric Club – https://www.scalextric.com/uk-en/memberships My First Scalextric – https://www.scalextric.com/uk-en/shop/sets/my-first-scalextric.html DriveTribe – https://drivetribe.com/ #Scalextric #TestTrack #Club
HO scale Slot Car Dyno test. Here is a fun tool I found at ebay. Testing pancake motor Aurora T-Jets on up to the in line Wizzard slot cars.
Review, Testing & Comparison of the Viper Scale Racing V-Spec Car. This is for the Pro-Circuit!
Alleen de regelaar of power een beetje dimmen op 70% speed
Welcome to our one year celebration of Test Track on YouTube! With a focus on the new Spark Plug dongle, going inside the garage with the Ford XW Falcon ‘Silver Fox’ and a special birthday competition, this month’s episode is a birthday blowout! Spark Plug – https://www.scalextric.com/uk-en/spark-plug-wireless-dongle.html Ford XW Falcon (C4037) – https://www.scalextric.com/uk-en/ford-xw-falcon-silver-fox.html #Scalextric #TestTrack #Birthday
May’s edition of Test Track welcomes BTCC legend Andrew Jordan as he races Mike in a 50-lap showdown. We also have three samples to show you for models which have already proven exceptionally popular. Finally, there’s a quick debrief from the UK Slot Car Festival 2019. C4063 Ford GTE – https://www.scalextric.com/uk-en/ford-gt-gte-black-no2-heritage-edition.html C4068A Lotus 25 – https://www.scalextric.com/uk-en/shop/manufacturers-1/lotus-1/lotus-25-jim-clark-monza-1963-first-world-championship.html C4060 Gulf VW Campervan – https://www.scalextric.com/uk-en/shop/themes/gulf-cars/volkswagen-panel-van-gulf.html Scalextric Club – https://www.scalextric.com/uk-en/memberships
In this edition of Test Track, we go inside the garage to take a look at some upcoming models, Mike takes us through his first two top picks of the year, and we have just enough time to pop back to our offices in Margate for a special event! Aston Martin DB5 – Black (C4029) – https://www.scalextric.com/uk-en/aston-martin-db5-black.html Porsche 911 RSR, LeMans 2017 Proton Competition (C4020) – https://www.scalextric.com/uk-en/shop/manufacturers-1/porsche-1/porsche-911-rsr-lemans-2017-proton-competition.html Chevrolet Camaro, Stars n Stripes (C4043) – https://www.scalextric.com/uk-en/chevrolet-camaro-stars-n-stripes.html Ford Mustang Trans Am 1972 John Gimbel (C4014) – https://www.scalextric.com/uk-en/ford-mustang-trans-am-1972-john-gimbel.html