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I have made some changes to my track. do we like it🤔 please comment and let me know
Basic set up of a Carrera GO!!! (analog 1/43 scale) track and basic car maintenance. Shown are how to install a new guide pin, brushes and track connection clips. Carrera Go Track Set https://www.carrera-toys.com/en/1612/go!!! #carreratoys #carrerago
A tour of my Carrera slot car track buildings by Magneticracing.co.
I took my O Gauge train layout apart and I’m working on a 1/32 scale slot car layout. It’s coming along great and I’m hoping that I will have it done in a month from now. It’s Carrera track and is about 65 ft total. When this Covid thing is over I’ll have to find someone to race with. I’m using it now and having fun.
49m routed non-magnetic copper tape track with yellow McLaren MP4-12C GT3 Hornby car. Around 35 seconds for one lap. Made from 18mm MDF – size is 2290L x 1250W x 750H including timber chassis underneath. It sits on a separate plastic table with fold-up legs and is very stable.
Hey Albert and Track Fans! Happy Easter, we hope you had an amazing time with lots of chocolate and good memories made, especially since we can get together now the lock down is easing. Enjoy this Scalextric track layout, lots happening to see and I’m working on a special for the next track…………keep tuned in for more slot car racing fun! Best. Track Fans TV! ———————————————————- Useful Links: Track Fans TV! Official Website: https://www.trackfans.tv Scalextric Official YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/OfficialScalextric Scalextric Official Website: https://www.scalextric.com/uk-en/ Credible & regular Slot Car News from Dave Kennedy – great guy! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC_iqDmcWfPPN2up9G94u5oA Slot Car Commentator – [More]
Hey Albert and Track Fans! In particular, hey Paul and his kids who set us an amazing Scalextric 2021 challenge by asking us to put together a track using our imagination for a size that they have available at home. It was an amazing thing to do as Slot Car 2021 is getting more and more popular. It is bitter sweet that it’s taken a series of lock downs for many, including myself to reenergize with a fantastic interest as Slot cars. Enjoy the track guys, it was great fun building it, the dimensions of the challenge were 2003x1590mm in [More]
Hey Albert and Track Fans! Check this episode out, we’ve finally got round to be daring enough to take the magnets out! I hope you like this specially different edition for Scalextric Track Layout 93! The Scalextric Honda Civic BTCC car is on the track and a perfect first time experience! I feel that now we’ve seen the fun without a magnet it might define how we build our tracks in the future! Enjoy this slot car racing episode with loads of Scalextric Drifting too. Best. Track Fans TV! ———————————————————- Useful Links: Track Fans TV! Official Website: https://www.trackfans.tv Scalextric Official [More]
We are continuing to test our new Carrera digital slot cars, and in order to thoroughly evaluate them we needed to design a track that includes all the elements one might find on a track. Thus, the track design includes all four radius of turns, banked turns, bridge sections, high-speed straightaway, and multiple lane changers. This is a variation of our original test track that we used to evaluate the Carrera Digital 132 1969 Torino Talladegas. This is a prelude to our new slot car club track which will ultimately be much larger, about 125 feet overall with an additional [More]
Hey Albert and Track Fans, Hope all is well? Not long now until we can all socialise again and see each other and trade amazing, slot car track action we’ve had whilst being cooped up! Welcoming back to the Scalextric track is the Scalextric Ginetta G60, this long wheel based Slot Car is just awesome at everything, it deals with tight R1 corners or powers through the larger, sweeping R3 corners with no trouble at all! Can you check out the fantastic slot car drifting through the race? See you in the next episode ledges! Track Fans TV! ———————————————————– Useful [More]