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We are continuing to test our new Carrera digital slot cars, and in order to thoroughly evaluate them we needed to design a track that includes all the elements one might find on a track. Thus, the track design includes all four radius of turns, banked turns, bridge sections, high-speed straightaway, and multiple lane changers. This is a variation of our original test track that we used to evaluate the Carrera Digital 132 1969 Torino Talladegas. This is a prelude to our new slot car club track which will ultimately be much larger, about 125 feet overall with an additional [More]
Hey Albert and Track Fans, Hope all is well? Not long now until we can all socialise again and see each other and trade amazing, slot car track action we’ve had whilst being cooped up! Welcoming back to the Scalextric track is the Scalextric Ginetta G60, this long wheel based Slot Car is just awesome at everything, it deals with tight R1 corners or powers through the larger, sweeping R3 corners with no trouble at all! Can you check out the fantastic slot car drifting through the race? See you in the next episode ledges! Track Fans TV! ———————————————————– Useful [More]
There are many methods for cleaning dirty and grubby scalextric track. Even for rusted track. This to me is the best combination that makes it quick and hassle free. ——————————————————————————————————————— 🎵 Track Info: Title: Resiliencia Artist: Hiracutch Genre: Dance & Electronic Mood: Dramatic ——— 😊 Hiracutch: Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/4zUKT… YouTube: https://youtube.com/Hiracutch Instagram: https://instagram.com/hiracutch SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/hiracutch Facebook: https://facebook.com/Hiracutch Twitter: https://twitter.com/Hiracutch Web: http://hiracut.ch
Тестируем переключение стрелок из комплектов Нинко Диджитал Мультилэйн и Питлейн
Hey Albert and all Track Fans out there! Welcome to the latest edition to our growing selection of slot car track layouts, if you saw the Scalextric 2021 catalogue that was launched recently, you’ll also see the Scalextric Club Ford Escort MK1 released at the same time. In a previous episode – ‘what’s in the box’, we saw it emerge in all it’s glory! Here, we finally see the Scalextric Club Ford Escort MK1 down on trackside ready for a race on a big Scalextric Track Layout. Enjoy Albert, see you soon mate and you too Track Fans! ———————————————————— Useful [More]
Two year build and almost finished. The track is constructed from free polystyrene foam boxes – very easy to work with. The setting plaster is very hard and has made it very solid. It will run a 6 car power base from Scalextric, but is only set up for 4 cars. The total build cost is AU$4,000 – PLUS many hundreds of hours work. You can view the final layout of this track here – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TZ2HShkJBls
Assemble a Carrera Digital 132 set from ground zero
www.trackfans.tv Hey Track Fans! Check out track 47, this is amazing! It has a really tricky hairpin, do you think there will be any spin outs on the Scalextric & Slot Car Racing Track? There’s also a great drifting circle, see if you can spot the big drift in the Track Preview! Car on the track: Mercedes AMG GT3 Enjoy this episode of the latest installment of Scalextric & Slot Car Racing Track, have fun and stay safe! Subscribe to our Track Fans TV! Channel to get the latest updates and cool slot car information.