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Ready, Set, Go! Be the first one to the finish line on one of these officially licensed Hot Wheels Race Track sets from KidzTech. Enjoy the thrill of the race as you and and a friend compete to see who will pass the chequered flag first!
Here is a 6min video showing how the change-over from the HO scale slot track – to – the 1/32 scale slot track. Driven w a automotive/truck winch – through a set of pullies and cables – Brett can stow the big 1/32 scale track up against the ceiling. The HO track is all custom made – routered MFD board. This 1/32 scale track is mainly plastic Carrera track – except where the switch-overs are at – those are custom made Routered MFD board. Thanks for watching.
Our Carrera Digital 132 track was set up on the floor for years. We built a modular table system to get the slot cars up off the floor. The setup consists of four 4-foot x 8-foot tables that can be arranged in a variety of configurations to accommodate different slot car track layouts. The modular system also includes table extensions that are 1-foot wide by 4 feet long or 8 feet long These are optional, easy to install and remove, and can be used on the short edge or long edge of a table to provide more tabletop space. This [More]
Australian GP, Malaysian GP, Chinese GP, Bahrain GP, Spanish GP, Monaco GP, Canadian GP, European GP.
American Model Car Raceways Purple Mile and Aristocrat vintage tracks by the American Model Car Racing Congress (Raceways)
This video was uploaded from an Android phone.
Artin 1/43 cars on Carrera 1/43 slot car track, what to do to make it work great, and a correction I was using a 6 volt Artin transformer, twin output at .900ma x 2 . But output was 11.5 volts
Brad’s Tracks slot car controller holder
Different tracks you can try out with Anki Overdrive. Inside, Outside, Daytime, Nighttime weve got a load of ideas on how to take your set-up to the max.
How To Combine Slot Car Tracks – with Thomas & Friends Trains, Scooby Doo, Batman, Police and more. How I combined AutoWorld and Tyco track. Used adapter track made by Auto World. They also make one for Aurora an Life-Like slot car tracks. Makes for some fun combinations! In this video Bill & Ben are pulling some troublesome trucks while we try out the Penquin’s van and Sooby-Doo Mystery Machine (both AutoWorld models). We also used some Tyco U-Turn Police cars (I like those because they can go in either direction), the Batmobile, and the A Team van. More train [More]