The WAN Show – GTX 960, R9 390X, and Ubisoft KEEPS ON DIGGING – November 14, 2014

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Table of contents (thanks to…. the people who helped. The credits seem to have beem tampered with…)

0:00:00 Intro
0:02:50 Mantle SDK
0:05:30 Straw Poll: nVidia on Mantle? lol
0:07:30 FCC and net neutrality
0:11:12 ATT not doing fiber
0:14:30 Canada’s ISPs suck
0:15:20 Where’s Luke?
0:16:25 Nvidia + Samsung Patent Wars
0:17:00 Who is Velocity Micro
00:20.46 Gigabyte Shows Off GTX 980 WaterForce Tri-SLI
0:21:12 Slick is back! Sweat pants?
0:25:02 Ubisoft – Assasians Creed Unity
0:29:40 Luke’s Assasains Creed Unity experience
0:39:05 Keep on Diggin’ Shirts
0:42:50 Ubisofts’ stock fell after Assassin’s Creed launch
0:55:00 nVidia grid beta
0:57:32 Shield tablet gets Android 5.0
1:02:00 NVIDIA GTX 960
1:02:57 Sponsor spot – Phantom Glass
1:05:15 HTC Customer Support
1:09:09 Sponsor spot – Squarespace
1:12:22 YouTube implements Music Key
1:15:15 Sharp IGZO 736 PPI phablet prototype
1:19:08 AMD R9 390X rumours
1:23:05 Sandisk ssd’s for memory slots
1:26:00 BMW car charging streetlights
1:28:54 Google phishing survey
1:34:02 Assassin’s creed creator launches new studio
1:34:43 Keep On digging shirts
1:35:58 Ubisoft patches micro transactions before framerate issues
1:37:03 Apples chip suppliers are gearing up
1:37:50 The lenovo S90 patent iphone
1:39:30 Other livestreams with Modis about programming / coding
1:40:43 One more newsitem DirectX12
1:42:09 nope, abrubt end.


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