Tuning a New Slot Car (for Non-Slot Car Nerds)

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New slot cars run poorly right out of the box. Tuning of the car can make it perform dramatically better. The method demonstrated here is a basic tune that is relatively quick to perform and does not require any special tools or equipment. It will, however, get you 95% of the performance gain of a more in-depth tuning. The video demonstrates a chassis lube, pickup braid adjustment, and tire truing on a Carrera Digital 132 slot car. The procedures will be exactly the same when tuning a Carrera Evolution (analog) slot car, and very similar with other brands of slot cars such as Scalextric and Ninco, as well as the larger scale 124.

Tuning a car for ultra-competitive racers involves special tools and machines plus many hours to get the car to run its best possible lap times. More casual racers do not need, nor would they notice, small increases in performance gained by many of these advanced techniques that are not mentioned in the video. This tuning (oiling, pickup braid adjustment, and tire tuning) is actually not only for brand new cars, but should also be considered regular maintenance.

This video is targeted at casual slot car racers running on their own home tracks like people who race with their kids or racing nights with beer and friends. Hard-core slot car racers may want to research more comprehensive tuning techniques.

Cars featured in the video include Carrera’s Ferari 488 GT3, Chevrolet Corvette C7.R, Mercedes AMG GT3, Nissan GT-R GT500, LaFerrari, and a Mercedes AMG C 63 DTM.
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Music used in this video:
Demilitarized Zone (Sting) by Ethan Meixsell

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