Volvo Slot Car Advert – Fulham Digital Scalextric Club alska Volvo

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At our slot car racing club (Fulham Digital Scalextric Club) we don’t race Volvos, we race Mini Coopers mostly. But this is a cool ad which hopefully will encourage our members to stay on the track.

At the FDSC London Scalextric Club we have entered a new age for Scalextric with Multi-Car Racing and Lane Changing

Get ready for an altogether new Scalextric experience and some great action-packed racing with the new added fuel strategy. Using the latest advanced digital technology, up to six cars can now race at any one time. They can even change lanes, overtake and perform pitstops, making races even closer than ever. Scalextric Digital gives fans a wide range of choice with a series of sets, stunning digital models and accessories.

The new Digital range gives fans a more exhilarating and life-like racing experience. Up to six cars can now move into the inner or outer lanes at the touch of a button on the hand throttles to take them past their track rivals. And with the fuel strategy, the more fuel in your car, the slower your car accelerates and its full speed is altered. In qualifying, cars with less fuel should have faster lap times to be at the front of the grid for the race. And during the race, your car has to pit and take on board fuel to finish the race. How much fuel and how many pit stops you do is entirely up to you. Just like the real thing, cars can now use blocking tactics to slow other cars down by switching lanes.

Thanks to new inovations from the hard core slot racers from slotforum, realistic strategy in digital scalextric slot car racing is achieved. Digital Lap Counters makes sure theres no confusion over the result! Scalextric Digital is designed to give fans a truly life-like racing experience where tactics and strategy are vital for success.

Come on down to the FDSC in West London Fulham/Hammersmith to experience the race of a lifetime in our 50 lap races of thrills and spills.


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